Can architectures be accessible everywhere around the world?

jinlin architecture

My project focuses on the architectures and how people can find the architectures what they want in the world directly. There are many amazing and really beautiful architectures around the world. Some of these architectures are abstract, some of these architectures are practical, and some of architectures pay attention to function. What matter the visual is about the shape, function, and design. The architect must have a reason to design a building like this. Basic on the theory what the architect have, the architecture get more meant and more interesting. In the history, the architecture also symbols and records many things that we know and we don’t know. Depend on many reasons, so many people whatever normal people or architect, the architecture is attracting people always. So the goal of this project is help the people to know and find the building easily. Make people save a lot time to do a lot research, people can find everything just having the app. The project includes some aspects, like design, shape, function, history, architect thinking, value, and sharing. So the project will give people a different experience.